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    The technology revolution is far from over...

    ERP systems no longer need to cost a small fortune. Odoo has broken the barrier of enterprise ERP, saving you thousands.


    After 30 years of supporting costly ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle Enterprise, I was convinced that a solid, reliable accounting system could not be had for less than $500K plus. But now, a new evolution has arrived: Odoo. This cloud-based ERP system rivals SAP and other big-name, big-cost ERP solutions.


    With Odoo, your company can access a fully functional ERP suite that also includes applications such as CRM, Manufacturing, Inventory, Helpdesk, HR, and even eCommerce—all for just $24/user/month. Supported by enterprise-class backing from ACOMDev, an authorized Odoo partner, you can save thousands each month with our aggressive hourly or project-based consulting rates.


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