• Forging Ahead with 30 Years of IT Mastery


    After three decades immersed in the sphere of enterprise-class ERP systems, ACOMDev has stood alongside the giants of Fortune 500s, international manufacturing magnates, and private equity pioneers. Our journey, which began as a supporting consultant, evolved into a leadership role, giving birth to an ERP launch and support strategy that promises not just flexibility, but also significant cost reductions.

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    About Us


    🔰 A Veteran at the Helm: From serving in the U.S. Marines, supporting advanced radar and missile guidance systems on F-4J Phantom aircraft, to mastering Electronics Engineering with honors, and the development of TCAS-II Commercial Aircraft Safety Systems, the journey is nothing short of illustrious. Following academic and executive pursuits, we have translated this vigor into IT, adapting systems to manufacturing for over three decades.

    🔰 Mainframe to Executive Suite: Charting a path from Field Service Engineer to prestigious roles like Chief Data Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer, we have crafted global disaster recovery plans, consolidated data centers worldwide, and seamlessly implemented ERP systems. Notable mentions include SAP, Oracle Enterprise Suite, QAD MFG/Pro, Epicor, Syteline, and Microsoft Dynamics.



    Services We Offer



    🛡️ Turn your company into a Security Fortress:


    Comprehensive security assessments 

    Rigorous penetration tests 

    Fortified environment creation with 2FA, VPN access, and advanced SPAM filtering




    🔄 ERP Systems Mastery:


    Optimize your ERP system's performance. 

    Seamless integration and operations of systems like SAP, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Syteline, and more.

    Customize manufacturing floor systems and interfaces to improve employee productivity and ease of use.

    Advanced reporting using Power BI.

    Shop Floor Over and Under planning monitoring and alerting.




    System Knowledge Reserve: Harness unmatched IT and manufacturing prowess previously only available to Fortune 500s. We do not just offer services; we amplify your IT's potential, ensuring operational optimization and top-tier data security.


    Day-to-day Site Support

    Microsoft Office support

    Power BI experts.

    Active Directory

    Software Development, Dot Net, Power Apps, SQL Scripting, and others

    Infrastructure Monitoring/Alerting/Break-Fix support.



    Tailored 'CIO2GO' Engagements: Access 30 years of hard-earned IT expertise in 40-hour blocks. Navigate technical challenges, Microsoft licensing, contract negotiations, team building, IT budgeting, and more for just $3,800 per 40-hour block plus expenses.


    We can also help with:




    Due Diligence

    Private Equity



    📞 Engage with Us Today: Ready to transform your IT landscape? Let us redefine what's possible. Contact ACOMDev and unlock a realm of unmatched IT solutions.