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    We can help you save dollars on your support contracts.

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    ACOMDev: Transform Your IT Budget With Expert Negotiation


    At ACOMDev, our three decades of experience in IT contract negotiations is more than just a testament to our longevity—it's a promise of unmatched savings for you. Whether you are considering a lease, purchase, or a service agreement, our expertise ensures that your bottom line benefits immensely.


    Why Partner With ACOMDev?

    • Proven Track Record: We recently clinched a deal that saw our client enjoy a staggering 40% reduction in their ERP software cost. But the savings didn't stop there! We negotiated unbeatable rates for support, coupled with discounted implementation services that are second to none.
    • Flexible Payment Terms: Recognizing the need to enhance cash flow for businesses, we have the prowess to structure deals in innovative ways. As with the recent ERP deal, we arranged an interest-free, six-month staggered payment plan, proving advantageous for our client’s liquidity.
    • Pay Only From Your Savings: Our confidence in our capabilities translates to our unique fee structure. Instead of hefty upfront fees, we charge a modest $2,500 initial base payment. Thereafter, we take only 20% of the savings you realize, payable upon the execution of the freshly-negotiated agreement. This ensures that our interests align perfectly with yours—your savings are our success.
    • Comprehensive Review and Support: We don’t just renegotiate. We begin with an extensive review of your existing contracts, ensuring every loophole, every overcharge, and every potential saving is identified.


    Ready to see how ACOMDev can redefine your IT budget? Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation. When it comes to IT contracts, we don’t just negotiate; we redefine value.


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