30 Years Managing ERP and IT Project Globally


    After three decades immersed in the sphere of enterprise-class ERP systems, ACOMDev has stood alongside the giants of Fortune 500s, international manufacturing magnates, and private equity pioneers. Below are a few customer testimonials that describe their experience working with our team. We are proud of these accomplishments and eager to share more details. Please give us a call or send an email.

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    Testimonials from satisfied customers:



    ✅ Our team was engaged about a year ago to help the customer's IT team build-out Power BI reporting which included linking several versions of SQL databases and versions of Syteline ERP across the globe to provide a daily roll-up of sales, inventory, and profitability reporting. This project included helping the customer deploy a Power BI and SQL host environment on Microsoft Azure as well as SQL replication each night in the early hours to the U.S., our team monitors the SQL replications each night. The array of Power BI reports we have developed for this customer is a prized collection of key KPIs designed to provide their management and ownership daily, near-real time reporting. The reports include sales dashboard(s), revenue and finance tracking, labor efficiency, inventory movement, and a profitability report helping the customer quickly identify trends.
    “Our collaboration with ACOMDev began when we sought their expertise in deploying Power BI for advanced analytics reporting. Their team demonstrated remarkable proficiency by swiftly assessing our data situation and designing an SQL-based reporting system. This system not only effectively manages our U.S. daily production data but also integrates data from our manufacturing sites in Belgium and China through SQL replication services.
    The impact of their work has been profound. The Power BI reports, meticulously monitored for uninterrupted operation by ACOMDev, are dispatched daily to our executives and stakeholders, ensuring timely and accurate decision-making. This system's reliability and user-friendly design have been instrumental in enhancing our responsiveness to customer needs, reducing costs, and boosting profits.


    Chief Financial Officer
    A leading, global consumer products company”



    ✅ Manufacturing has been a mainstay of ACOMDev for years, but we also provide general IT consulting and are often called upon to assess and evaluate companies that are being considered for purchase by Private Equity Groups. The below is a Due Diligence project we completed this year regarding the purchase of an international company with three manufacturing locations: Germany, India, and a sales office in the U.S. This project necessitated on-site visits culminating in an extensive report for each location, identifying potential system, software, and security concerns along with recommendations. Our report provided the PE firm with the justification needed to approve the purchase. A follow-on project a few weeks later included ACOMDev providing an action plan prioritized by potential impact to the business along with strategies to implement the improvements and a budget of the associated costs.


    "As the VP & CFO of a leading tooling manufacturing group headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with ACOMDev, LLC, and am writing to recommend them for their exceptional IT support and private equity acquisition including due diligence process. Our engagement with ACOMDev began amidst complex circumstances, necessitated by our planned acquisition of an international company with locations in the U.S., India, and Germany.
    ACOMDev's team, led by Gene Horlander, was instrumental in conducting a comprehensive review of the potential acquisition, particularly in assessing its IT services, systems, and security posture. Their expertise was evident as they swiftly undertook on-site evaluations, culminating in a detailed action plan. This plan not only identified key issues but also outlined a timeline and budgetary considerations for proposed solutions.
    The impact of ACOMDev's involvement has been significant. Their strategic recommendations on security enhancements were pivotal in securing approval from our investment group, banks, and insurance providers, thereby facilitating a crucial step in our international expansion strategy. Their approach was not only thorough but also tailored to our specific needs and challenges.
    Given our highly positive experience, I am confident in recommending ACOMDev to organizations seeking robust IT solutions, interim leadership roles such as CIO or CTO, or managing complex due diligence, migration, and acquisition processes. Their commitment to excellence and transformative strategies are valuable assets for any business operation.


    Chief Financial Officer
    A leading, tooling distribution and manufacturing company”



    ✅ "We are driven by leading responsive teams, innovating solutions, and solving complex business problems, whether strategic or tactical. Over the last twenty years, we have honed our skills in team building, talent identification, and system development. Leveraging innovative technologies, we focus on cutting costs and boosting profits — a challenging yet rewarding aspect of leadership.


    As a Chief Information Officer, Project Leader, or ERP Consultant we have thrived by collaborating with exceptional executives and teams. Our track record as proven performers reflect our enthusiasm for each new opportunity.
    We look forward to opportunities to support dynamics organizations as an interim CIO, project manager, or ERP consultant."


    "Gene is an exceptional Chief Information Officer. He possesses the unique ability to develop and lead an information technology team that significantly enhances a company's performance. His extensive knowledge of operating systems, infrastructure, and applications, as well as their interplay, enables him to optimize configurations for outstanding results. Gene and his team are committed to understanding specific requirements before implementing and training staff, ensuring a tailored approach to each project. Having worked with Gene globally, I've observed his adeptness at assimilating into a company's culture, allowing him to deliver solutions that are not only effective but also culturally appropriate. His dedication and expertise are truly unparalleled


    I have had the pleasure of being a co-worker and having Gene and his team provide systems integration for three companies for me. One of the most honest and trustworthy people I have ever met.


    Gene, thank you for serving our country and thank you for serving all my company's needs.
    Chief Operating Officer
    A leading, international automative component manufacturing company”





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