Office 365 Review


    By engaging with ACOMDev to review and audit your Microsoft license usage your business can not only optimize spending on Microsoft licenses but also ensure that employees are using the tools they have been provided to their fullest potential.

    Plus, now, Artificial Intelligence will make the landscape even more powerful.

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    Understanding Microsoft's licensing landscape is a daunting task for most organizations. With a myriad of options and jargon, it is no wonder many companies find themselves lost, potentially wasting thousands on unoptimized licenses.


    The Problem

    • Most companies don't fully grasp the depth of Microsoft licensing:
    • Many licenses are purchased but remain unassigned.
    • Users often have more advanced licenses than they need.
    • Actual usage of the applications often does not match the licenses.
    • There is a gap between what employees think they know and what they actually do with Office tools.


    Our Solution

    As a seasoned Microsoft partner and an ex-CIO that has managed thousands of Microsoft Office users, I have navigated these challenges countless times. Our solution is not just about selling or allocating licenses, but ensuring their optimal use:


    • Deep Dive Analysis: We comb through your Microsoft invoices and licenses, cross-referencing them with your employees' roles and application needs.
    • Optimization: By identifying the actual needs of your employees, we ensure that they have the right licenses.
    • Training: A tool is only as good as the hands wielding it. We offer training to ensure your team fully utilizes and adopts the tools in which you are investing.
    • Cost Savings: By eliminating waste – whether it is in unused licenses, over-licensed users, or inefficiencies in application use – we'll save you significant costs.


    Your Future with Us

    We are more than just consultants; we are your partners in maximizing the value of your Microsoft investment. Our commitment is to empower your team and streamline your licensing costs. Let us help you turn your Microsoft license chaos into a strategic advantage.


    Shall we get started?