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    After serving valiantly with the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam era, I came home and transitioned into the computing industry, where I supported mainframes and data centers. My military experience is something I wear as a badge of honor. In fact, one of our aircraft, F-4J #3, is now a piee of history, displayed at the Smithsonian Museum. I was responsible for ensuring the combat readiness of our aircraft's fire control radar and missile control systems while in the squadron VMFA-232, the last fighter attack squadron to depart Vietnam.


    Transitioning to civilian life, I became a field engineer in thecomputer world, working with giants like Memorex, Telex, and Hitachi Data Systems. The intricate mainframe that HDS reverse-engineered from the IBM-370/158 was a marvel, running at a 400 NS clock speed. This job, troubleshooting these massive systems, provided me with a practical education surpassing even what I'd learned while obtaining my master's in electrical engineering at Indiana State University.


    The entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish Advanced ComputerSystems, later renamed ACOM Corporation due to a naming conflict. Our focus was providing accounting system support for medium-sized manufacturing and
    distribution firms across the Midwest. Throughout my 13-year tenure at ACOM, I also founded and sold two more ventures: ComPlus and Advanced Data Imaging.


    My passion wasn’t limited to tech. As a private pilot, one closecall on the airstrip led me to conceive the idea of an aircraft alerting system. This idea paved the path for a project with the FAA called TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System). While the project faced some financial hurdles, its essence lives on in avionic systems used globally in commercial aircraft.


    In 1999, my journey took me back to mainframes with EMC, andsoon after, a role as an Oracle Program Manager with ArvinMeritor. The subsequent years saw me leading and participating in international ERP projects, from Oracle to early versions of Microsoft Dynamics.


    After successfully establishing and supporting IT systems for amultibillion-dollar private equity carve-out, I transitioned to work with a healthcare equipment innovator as their Chief Data Office, and then as CIO for a tool manufacturer. My last corporate role, also as a CIO, saw me revitalizing the IT infrastructure and systems for an Ohio based manufacturer with international operations.



    Now, I've returned to my entrepreneurial roots with ACOMDev, aconsultancy specializing in ERP systems, software development, cloud-based data center consolidation, and Power BI reporting.


    What sets ACOMDev apart?


    Experience and honor.


    My three-decade journey through the automotive manufacturingsector has given me a unique perspective on ERP system implementations. This experience is coupled with a team of exceptional individuals I’ve met along the way. But beyond expertise, it's the honor and commitment instilled in me during my time with the Marines that I bring to every project. For us at ACOMDev, every challenge is an opportunity to find a solution that benefits everyone.


    Trust us with your challenges, and we'll uphold the commitment and honor that has defined my journey.



    Gene Horlander