Power Suite PE

    "Power Suite PE" targets a critical need in the market – timely, accurate, andactionable insights for Private Equity Managing Directors.

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    Every company understands the importance of timely data, but all too often unable to uncover its full potential. The volume of data keeps rising, and data technologies keep changing. This makes it more difficult for organizations to realize benefit from data analytics investments.

    People understand data differently.Good data-driven strategies that make a base of informed decisions cannot be created without people investing. But, to earn their trust, first we must ensure the data is exact and then present it so it can be quickly digested, the data visualizations must be compelling and easy to understand.

    That is where ACOMDev can help, with over 30 years' experience in IT plus analytics projects for most we have made Power BI a cornerstone of our consulting practice. We have enhanced our "Power Suite 5" set of reports with an overarching daily management report that targets private equity ownership - "Power Suite PE."


    "Power Suite PE" is a tool that targets a critical need in the market – timely, accurate, and actionable insights for Private Equity Managing Directors.

    By deploying our flagship product –"Power Suite 5" to your companies, we can also provide a roll-up of each and using this real-time data compile an ownership view. "Power Suite PE" pulls in the daily company operational data and generates eight (8) of the most critical indicators a PE firm wants to see for each company monitored:



    Cash Flow

    Revenue Growth

    Sales Conversion

    Profit Margin

    Expense Control

    Product Analysis

    Industry Metrics

    As a PE Managing Director, imagine having these eight critical datasets in your inbox each morning for each of the companies you manage? That is not a dream or a stretch goal, but a daily operating reality when you partner with ACOMDev, LLC.


    1. Democratize Decision-Making: While the data may be highly technical and vast, the visualizations and insights from the "Power Suite PE" are designed to be easily digestible. This means decision-makers at all levels of the organization, even without a deep analytical background, can understand and act on them.


    2. Consistent Monitoring: PE firms manage multiple businesses, often across various sectors. The consistent framework offered by "Power Suite PE" ensures uniformity in monitoring and evaluating different companies. This reduces the cognitive load on PE Managing Directors, allowing them to focus on strategic interventions rather than get bogged down by inconsistent data.


    3. Reduced Time-to-Insight: Time is a valuable resource in decision-making. By delivering these critical datasets to your inbox every morning, "Power Suite PE" ensures that you are always a step ahead. This not only aids in timely interventions but also helps in identifying opportunities and threats ahead of time.

    4. Leverage Legacy Expertise: Emphasize 30 years of experience. In the data world, where many startups spring up overnight, three decades of experience is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and consistent value delivery.

    5. Customization: While "Power Suite PE" offers eight key metrics, it might also be beneficial to stress the customization aspect. Can the reports be tailored to fit the unique requirements of different PE firms? Absolutely! This adaptability makes Power Suite PE an invaluable tool for managing multiple companies.

    6. Trust & Transparency: Reiterate that data accuracy is paramount. Decision-makers will not trust data that they suspect could be erroneous. By ensuring data accuracy and presenting it transparently, ACOMDev is not just providing data but building trust.

    To conclude, positioning "PowerSuite PE" as an essential tool for PE Managing Directors, which combines the legacy and expertise of ACOMDev with the modern agility of Power BI, can be an effective strategy. Emphasizing the tool's ease of use, timely insights, and adaptability will further its appeal in the target market.

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