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    Supporting an ERP system is not rocket science, but close. We offer the experience, the knowledge, skill, and dedication that it will take to launch your ERP system.

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    With three decades immersed in the sphere of enterprise-class ERP systems, ACOMDev has stood alongside the giants of Fortune 500s, international manufacturing magnates, and private equity pioneers. Our journey, which began as a supporting structure, evolved into a leadership role, giving birth to an ERP launch and support strategy that promises not just flexibility, but also significant cost reductions.



    Why Partner With ACOMDev?


    1. Breadth of Experience: Our exposure to a plethora of challenges, both common and unique, empowers us to offer a solution tailored to your distinct needs.
    2. Scalability: Our strategic designs are not bound by the size of your enterprise. Be it a budding startup or a multinational conglomerate; we've got you covered.
    3. Ownership and Commitment: From initiation to culmination, ACOMDev is in it for the long haul. Our commitment is unwavering – delivering projects punctually and within the budget.
    4. ERP System Support: Epicor, Infor Syteline, Microsoft Dynamics, and our favorite Odoo



    Spotlight on Success: Our Capabilities Unveiled



    Case Study #1 - How to implement a new ERP system across 8-locations with high turnover and limited budget.


    • Challenge: The U.S. based automotive manufacturer was grappling with inefficiencies in their existing 20-year-old ERP system. The system was plagued with home grown, poorly written, customized workarounds, integration loopholes, and lack of automation, which was crippling operations. A 38-hour daily backup is a glaring red flag along with daily system crashes, along with a low-cost archiving program that ran amuck deleting "master files."


    • Solution: As often is the case, this company had a high degree of employee turnover and did not have the depth of skill needed for a big bang approach which was considered by the CFO. The project strategy we developed was to schedule sites to be launched one at a time. This approach allowed each site time to fully adapt, and it provided resources to be drawn from other sites as needed. The original plan was to hold off on financial deployment until all production sites were operational.


    • Outcome: Supporting code was developed that allowed inventory movement between sites not migrated (still on Macola) and sites migrated (now on Epicor). This approach permitted each site to be migrated away from the old ERP to the new one systematically. Corporate headquarters was successfully migrated first, and a plan established for the remaining sites. A significant increase in operational efficiency thanks to a 40% discount negotiated by the CIO along with a 30% cost reduction in ERP maintenance and the new environment 100% hosted on Microsoft Azure.



    Case Study #2 - French Automotive Manufacturer with SAP Integration


    • Challenge: This France-based powerhouse had an intricate network of suppliers and a complicated supply chain process. Their existing SAP system was not agile enough to manage real-time changes and decision-making often crimpling 10,000 users and three hundred sites globally. It was increasingly difficult to schedule maintenance due to the single instance deployment of SAP.


    • Solution: The solution was to re-implement SAP into a multi-instance configuration - two identical instances, one hosted in France to support all of Europe and Africa, and the second hosted in the U.S. to support the Americas and Asia. Each mirrored the other which provided failover from one site to the other. When the U.S. required a maintenance window the U.S. instance was failed over to Europe. When maintenance was completed, it failed back. When Europe required a maintenance window the European instance failed over to the U.S. and so on.


    • Outcome: An additional benefit to this resolution was the improved performance. This approach also resulted in a smaller databases and a built-in, superior disaster recovery capability. Bar code timeout issues in China were also eliminated, as were most latency and time out issues globally.




    The ACOMDev Promise: "Your challenges, our strategy. Together, we don't just envision success; we achieve it."


    Contact us to initiate your journey to optimized ERP solutions and discover the ACOMDev difference.