Power Suite 5

    There is a vast difference between collecting data and understanding how to use it.

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    The Power Suite 5 Collection is a group of five pre-defined, highly customizable, mission-critical Power BI reports that can vary based on industry and context. However, in a generic business scenario, the following five mission-critical reports can be highly essential:


    1. Operational Uptime/Downtime Report:

    • Purpose: To measure and analyze the uptime and downtime of mission-critical operations or systems.
    • Components:
      • Total uptime in a given period.
      • Incidents causing downtime.
      • Duration and impact of each downtime.
      • Recommendations or solutions to reduce downtime.

    2. Financial Performance Report:

    • Purpose: To assess the company's financial health and operational profitability.
    • Components:
      • Revenue (broken down by product/service or region).
      • Operating expenses.
      • Net profit or loss.
      • Cash flow statement.
      • Debt and liabilities overview.
      • Profit margin analysis.

    3. Supply Chain Performance Report:

    • Purpose: To gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of a company's supply chain operations.
    • Components:
      • Inventory levels (broken down by location or product).
      • Order fulfillment rates.
      • Supplier performance metrics.
      • Logistics and transportation costs.
      • Stockouts or overstock incidents.

    4. Employee Performance and Productivity Report:

    • Purpose: To measure the performance and productivity of employees or teams.
    • Components:
      • Employee attendance and punctuality.
      • Work outputs or deliverables achieved.
      • Training and skill development programs attended.
      • Employee engagement scores.
      • Areas of improvement and recommendation

    5. Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Report:

    • Purpose: To analyze customer perceptions and satisfaction with a company's products or services.
    • Components:
      • Net Promoter Score (NPS).
      • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).
      • Key feedback themes and areas of concern.
      • Churn rate (for subscription-based businesses).
      • Recommendations for improving customer experience.


    These reports are crucial as they provide decision-makers with insights necessary for strategic planning, risk management, resource allocation, and other key functions. Adjustments can be made depending on the specific industry or business requirements.


    Unified and timely reporting is essential for informed decision-making, especially in mission-critical areas of operation. Leveraging pre-developed and tested reports can significantly reduce the time to delivery, ensuring your management team gets the insights they need, when they need them.



    Our focus should be to provide transparency, agility, and accessibility to the data. When everyone is managing from the "same pane of glass," it not only ensures alignment but also drives collective responsibility and proactive action.


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