Security Assessment and Services


    Your organization's security is paramount, and with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, it is crucial to stay ahead. With ACOMDev, you're partnering with a team that prioritizes your security just as much as you do. Let us work together to fortify your digital assets and reputation.

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    Are you ready to revolutionize your IT and security infrastructure?


    With over 30 years of expertise inleading IT, ERP, Quality, and Shop Floor manufacturing systems for International and Fortune 500 companies, ACOMDev is your go-to solution for end-to-end IT and security needs.


    • IT and ERP Solutions: Acquisition-related IT projects, ERP performance tuning, Microsoft Azure support, AWS, etc.
    • Network and Security: Threat management, Data Center consolidations, security assessments, etc.
    • Development and Support: Power App, SQL Scripting, .NET development, etc.


    We've successfully managed IT operations globally for Fortune 500 companies and large international corporations. Let us bring that caliber of expertise to you.


    Building data centers, migratingon-premises environments to Microsoft Azure, or deploying critical apps to AWS, the level of skill and experience with the ACOMDev team is second to none.


    During a project for a Paris based automotive manufacturer in little over a year, I led a project that consolidated 13-data centers to two. The strategy deployed mirroring each instance, one in Europe and the second in the U.S. not only did the new data center design solve latency issues being experienced in our China plants (barcode scanners timing out), it also enabled mirrored instances of SAP, one East and the other West; which improved performance, reduced risk, and provided Faurecia a superior, internal disaster recovery strategy being able to fail-over to the other site. The fail-over strategy also solved difficulties scheduling downtime for SAP to patch and perform other maintenance actions, with 10,000 users and 300 sites someone is always working somewhere.


    With the increasing emphasis on security, businesses are often looking for trusted partners who can assure them a safe environment for business operations. We want to be your security partner. "Your security is our top priority". Partner with ACOMDev, and we'll transform your system into a fortress against threats, giving you peace of mind.


    1. Penetration Testing:


    ACOMDev offers a comprehensive penetration testing service that combines advanced vulnerability scanning techniques with intensive manual testing. Our primary goal is to simulate a malicious attacker's perspective and methods, ensuring the highest level of security for your organization.

    • Vulnerability Identification: Detect both known and previously undiscovered vulnerabilities in target assets. 
    • Detailed Reporting: Produce an actionable and easily understandable report that details all findings. 
    • Minimal Business Disruption: Our team is committed to ensuring that this testing does not interfere with daily operations. All tests are designed to be non-disruptive. 


    2. Code review:


    An often overlooked, highly vulnerable risk is home grown legacy applications that are all but forgotten about. The penetration test will help identify these vulnerabilities and provide a strategy and plan to eliminate them. But these are not always easily identified, and this is where our development team in India, steps in with staff that have advanced expertise and experience with programming languages such as: Dot Net, Java, internally hosted websites, SQL scripting, and other potential platforms that can expose your business to the hacker community.



    3. ISO 27001 Cyber Security Framework Assessment: 


    • Scoping and Kick-off: Define the scope of the assessment by identifying which parts of the organization, processes, and systems will be assessed against ISO 27001.  
    • Gap Analysis: Review current information security management processes and controls. Identify areas where the organization may not meet ISO 27001 requirements. Document findings and prioritize areas for improvement. 
    • Risk Assessment: Identify and evaluate risks to the organization's information assets. Assess current risk management practices and compare them with ISO 27001 requirements. 
    • Remediation Planning: Develop a remediation plan based on the findings from the gap analysis and risk assessment. Determine the actions required to address the gaps and risks. 
    • Review 2FA and VPN: Ensure two-factor authentication and Virtual Private Networks are operating properly, complete (no back doors, even for administrators), and users fully understand the importance. 
    • Implementation: Implement the remediation plan. Modify and develop new policies, procedures, and controls as necessary to meet ISO 27001 requirements.  
    • Provide training and awareness: Implement programs to ensure employees understand and adhere to new security measures. 
    • Internal Audit: Conduct an internal audit to verify that all ISO 27001 requirements have been met and that implemented controls are effective. Document findings and recommendations from the internal audit. 
    • Management Review: Present the results of the internal audit to senior management. Discuss any outstanding issues or challenges and determine the next steps. Secure management commitment for continuous improvement. 
    • External Audit (Optional): If certification to ISO 27001 is a goal, engage an external certification body to conduct an independent audit. Address any findings and recommendations from the external audit to achieve certification. 
    • Continuous Improvement: Monitor and review the effectiveness of the implemented controls and processes. Make necessary adjustments based on feedback, incidents, or changes in the organization or technology landscape. Conduct periodic reviews and audits to ensure ongoing compliance and alignment with ISO 27001. 
    • Reporting and Documentation: Document all processes, findings, and recommendations throughout the assessment process. Provide regular status updates to stakeholders. 


    At the end of the comprehensive security audit and review of the organization's ISO 27001 compliance status, risks, remediation activities, and recommendations for future improvements will be in place protecting the organization from any security vulnerability. 


    Don't leave your IT and security to chance. Experience what ACOMDev can do to help today.